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Messianic Jewish Evangelist FRED SHMIDTorn and raised in Flint, Michigan, Fred is a survivor of the record‑breaking 1953 tornado which killed 136 people. His amazing testimony telling how he was sucked up inside the funnel and how God miraculously delivered him from death has inspired many to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Messiah.

Fred received a life changing experience when he asked Yeshua (Jesus) to redeem him from his sins in 1955. He was disowned by his family because of it. The Holy Spirit quickly called him to preach the Word of God to this dying world. Churches quickly noticed the anointing of the Spirit of God upon this young Jewish preacher, and Fred was invited to speak in some of the largest churches in the state. As a result of his Godly example, his parents soon were saved and became active in Gospel work.

Frederick Shmidt served for eight years on the board of Beulah Heights Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, a college of high accreditation. He and his dear wife, Darlene also pastored in Iowa, Oregon and Michigan.

The Holy Spirit thrust Frederick into the preaching of revival crusades in 1960. His crusades, camp meetings, ministers' conferences and prophecy conventions have carried him to twenty-four countries, with many denominations inviting him to speak to them.

As a sought after Middle East expert and commentator, Frederick Shmidt's prophecy up date crusades and conventions are packed with the latest developments and ministerial level information which is simplified so even the novice can understand the scenario of God's prophetic plan. He has hand painted a huge 110' pictorial chart to illustrate from Calvary to the end of the book of Revelation. His "Destiny Of The Church" video series and audio cassette series is used by many Bible colleges and multitudes of ministers. He has made forty three trips to Israel and neighboring countries, gathering the latest developments of prophetic significance.

Fred's Jewish heritage provides a unique insight into the Scriptures which gentile churches really need today. His anointed preaching on all Bible topics and his ministering to the sick give him a well rounded ministry, which has proven to be a blessing across denominational lines. His spotless track record through the years both in personal life as well as in ministry provides him an impeccable reputation. His preaching unites, encourages, edifies and challenges those who hunger for the Word of God.

Fred is founder of Abundant Harvest Ministries, Inc. He speaks frequently on many television and radio stations here and abroad and has been interviewed on CBN's 700 Club, TBN, the Billy Graham Radio Network, and the Missionary Alliance Radio Network.

Fred serves on the Board of Directors for Living Faith Television.  His programs may be seen daily on the Living Faith Television stations.

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